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Bloomin Tents are a whole new way for gardeners to take better control of the flowering of certain plants. This allows better control of your gardens' ability to produce food and flowers and can allow multiple harvests per year where using natural light would not allow. Our tents help to keep pests away during "on" times (where the shades are not pulled), and when the shades are pulled you have perfect control of the darkness periods to manipulate flowering control. Our shades also provide great shelter during short hard weather periods.

Our Bloomin Tents come in 3 different sizes. The first two are simply large and small tents depending on your needs. The third tent is an expansion module that allows you to purchase multiple units and connect them to create a series of weather and light controlled growing areas.

  • Bloomin Tent, individual - 12' long x 10' wide x 8' tall - $149

  • Bloomin Tent, expandable - 15' long x 10' wide x 10' tall at peak - $349 ea

  • 10 Expandable Tents, Installed - 10 Tents Professionally installed - $5500

    Using small grow tents allows you to grow crops of flowers, fruits or vegetables inside, no matter the temperature or conditions outside. This is ideal for people who live in apartments who don't have the space to grow crops outside, or for people who can't stand to go without fresh crops all winter long. Using the grow tents is easy, although you'll need to follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter for the best results.

    Getting Started
    If you're new to grow tent gardening, it's best to purchase an entire kit, rather than trying to create a workable system on your own. Your system will likely need to be assembled at home before you can use it. You'll need to set up the PVC frame that supports the grow tent fabric, and then plug in the light source. Some grow tents have a partition between the light and the growing area. Others do not. Some grow tents have vents you can open near the top, so your plants can exchange foul air for fresh air on a limited basis, without losing a lot of heat in the process.

    Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully regarding the setup of your grow tent, and ensure that your lights are plugged into a grounded electrical outlet. While it's unlikely that water will escape out of your grow tent, it is possible and it pays to be safe.

    Growing Plants
    Once your tent has been assembled, place your plants in the center of the tent. You can use regular pots and potting soil in your tent, or grow your plants using a hydroponic growing system in which the plants are suspended in a water solution heavily treated with nutrients. After your plants are in place, close the grow tent tightly. Most grow tents use zippers, to ensure that the light inside the tent stays there and doesn't escape into the room.