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Surge Solar Sectional System

This system is designed for the Residential Consumer that wishes to begin building a solar system at their home location, but finds the costs of investing in a large system to prohibitive. The Surge Solar Sectional System comes in small sections of easily expandable solar panels. Each Section contains a seated stand and four Surge Solar panels. Each Section will provide 1000 watts of power, and is infinitely expandable up to available room. Each Charge Controller box can handle the connection of either 10 Stands (40 panels) OR 10 other Charge Controllers, designating it as a master Controller. Each Master Controller can also accept 10 other Master Controllers creating an infinitately expandable system.

    Targeted Prices:

Sectional System parts Notes Retail Price
Panel Stand holds up to 4 panels for a total of 1000kW $200
Solar Panel 250w Panel, 52"w x 75"h $475
Charge Controller controls charging and connections $250

  • Systems - our systems will come complete and ready to be installed or used independantly depending on which system you order. Some complete systems may include battery banks, some will include them as an option. Systems that require batteries do not include them in the System to save on shipping costs. However, batteries are a common standard and can be found at any large battery provider and our manuals will include instructions on how to find and implement standard batteries.

  • Panels - panels constructed at our facilities are ready for either your own DIY (do it yourself) project or for expanding your current Surge Solar Sectional System or other common solar panel system.